Why Stay Afloat?

Why Stay Afloat helping hand

Some people have friends to talk to. Some people have family; many have both but don’t feel comfortable sharing their personal thoughts. Some people don’t have either, but everyone needs someone to hear them. 

Stay Afloat” is a positive message that just might give people a push to keep going! You may not even know they needed one. It’s a subtle, yet strong statement for anyone you pass!

As we enter September, which focuses on Suicide Prevention, we must stay attentive. Many families and friends of these beautiful souls state often that it was a shock to find out that their loved one was hurting because the person was always so lively and joyous. Often this is because that person is being the person to others that they wish they had for themselves. Other times it is because that person feels they should not show weaknesses or share the negativity. I am creating  this brand to reach those individuals even if they are struggling in silence. I am creating this brand to push others to be that ear to those in need!

Staying afloat has such a strong meaning. The Collins Dictionary states “If someone or something is afloat, they remain partly above the surface of water and do not sink.” “DO NOT SINK.” That part is the best. It is a message that your situation is not your ending. If you just hold on long enough you will not sink. When I was in a dark situation in life, a beautiful soul told me This is just a moment in time.” Those words really had me reevaluate the situation and realize that the situation was just a small percentage of my life that I had already lived and an even smaller percentage compared to what I had yet to live. 

We all have problems and situations. One thing that we have to understand is that some situations that may not weigh heavy on you, may make others feel like they are about to drown. The brain works in different ways, that can cause a person to develop PTSD, Depression, and or addictions that may lead to suicide.

A few facts to be aware of

  • More and more people are diagnosed with depression everyday. It can happen to anyone at any age, no matter the race. Learn more about the stats at link below
  • Addiction is a serious disease. Many who have addictions deny it because they don’t think they have a problem and can stop whenever. Covid-19 had a big affect on the addiction crisis in the United States. During the pandemic there were over 99,000 deaths in the United States from drug overdose in just the first year. Which was a 30% increase from the year before. Learn more at link below
  • How substance use has risen during Covid-19 pandemic
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder also known as PTSD is a disorder that develops in some people who has experienced a traumatic event(s). A person with PTSD has the highest risk of suicide. For more go to
  • Suicide and PTSD 

I know this is cliché to say but all the facts above show that you never know what is going on in someone’s mind. So be kind, show love and share the message to #Stayafloat.

If you or someone you know are having negative or suicidal thoughts, no matter how big or small, call 988 the Suicide and Crisis lifeline and talk to someone who will help be that person you or others need.

You belong here. I want you here. I love y’all!


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