5 Optimistic Ways

5 Optimistic Ways

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Being optimistic
can be a great way to view life. Merriam-Webster definition of being optimistic is feeling or showing hope for the future. Many use the example instead of looking at the glass as half empty, to look at the glass as half full.

5 things that can help you to be more optimistic.

1. Notice the good in things

Yes bad things will happen but it’s good to recognize those bad things are not the end for you. You still have life. Therefore you still have a chance to try again. As a business owner there have been a lot of challenges that I have faced. These challenges have caused me to want to give up and stop my business. For example I had a pop up in the wind was very strong it was blowing over a lot of my stuff and the tent was moving and this was very frustrating to me because it caused me to not be able to really focus on my customers. However, I did learn from this situation that I need weights for my tent, for my fixtures, things on the table, etc. Not only did this help me at my next pop-up but it also help me to share this with other businesses that were vending. Now when I get challenges I think of how these challenges will help me grow and to be stronger as a business owner.

2. Positive surroundings 

Understanding your surroundings is a big part of being optimistic. If you surround yourself with positive people you may see life in a more positive way. It may not even be people. It could be the music you listen to. It could be the TV that you watch, definitely the news. Yes, there is a lot going on in the world right now but to watch it on repeat can definitely drain your positivity and cause you to be less optimistic about life. I’m not saying to not look at the news, or listen to your favorite sad song but limit how much you take in because even when we’re not watching or listening your brain is still playing these things on repeat.

3. Keep a track of the things you are grateful for

Creating messages in a journal, logbook, blog or vlog is a great way to really work your brain and think about what happened positive in your day. A lot of times we focus so much on the negatives that they start to overshadow the positives that happened in your day. Another great part to this is being able to go back and see how you have changed over time.

4.Remember that setbacks are just a moment in time

In life there are going to be ups and downs but do not get so focused on the downs that you forget that there are still ups in life. Setbacks can be a very hard thing to accept. However, once you accept that you had a setback, you can then focus on your next steps to overcome that bump in the road.


99.99% of the time being optimistic doesn’t happen overnight. It takes practice to train your mind to always think positively about situations. Some would say fake it until you make it lol.

The purpose of this blog is to enlighten but also to create a place for people to talk about the topic. Please comment below your experience with optimism. You can start by telling 1-3 things that went great this week or month for you.

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